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 +====== Example qbXML for adding an Item Receipt ======
 +===== Linking your Item Receipt to a Purchase Order =====
 +If you want to link the Item Receipt to an existing Purchase Order, there are two ways you can accomplish this:
 +  - **If you want to link the entire PO to the Item Receipt** then you can use the LinkToTxnID tag. This will bring in **all** item information from the Purchase Order, regardless of what items or quantities you specify in any ItemLineAdd nodes. 
 +  - **If you want to link just part of a PO to the Item Receipt** then you must use the ItemLineAdd/LinkToTxn/TxnID and ItemLineAdd/LinkToTxn/TxnLineID tags to link the Item Receipt to only the Purchase Order lines you want to link to. 
 +===== Example qbXML Request =====
 +// IMPORTANT NOTE: Be careful! This will link *the entire* Purchase Order because you used LinkToTxnID and not ItemLineAdd/LinkToTxn/*, see the note above!
 +<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
 +<?qbxml version="8.0"?>
 +    <QBXMLMsgsRq onError="stopOnError">
 +        <ItemReceiptAddRq>
 +            <ItemReceiptAdd>
 +                <VendorRef>
 +                    <ListID>70000002-1247235115</ListID>
 +                </VendorRef>
 +                <TxnDate>2009-10-03</TxnDate>
 +                <LinkToTxnID>56-12573705936</LinkToTxnID>
 +                <ItemLineAdd>
 +                    <ItemRef>
 +                        <ListID>30000012-1247123980</ListID>
 +                    </ItemRef>
 +                    <Desc>My Item Description</Desc>
 +                    <Quantity>1</Quantity>
 +                </ItemLineAdd>
 +            </ItemReceiptAdd>
 +        </ItemReceiptAddRq>
 +    </QBXMLMsgsRq>
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