Known Errors/Inaccuracies in the qbXML/OSR Specifications

Undocumented Required Fields


Undocumented required fields include:

  • IncomeAccountRef
  • AssetAccountRef
  • COGSAccountRef


Undocumented required fields include:

  • AccountRef

stopOnError is misspelled as stopOnErrror (too many "r"s)

The ENUM stopOnError is misspelled in many places in the QuickBooks SDK/OSR v7.0

CardSecurityCodeMatch - Y indicates a match N indicates a mismatch

Passing a “Y” for CardSecurityCodeMatch will result in an error like this:

<CardSecurityCodeMatch >Y</CardSecurityCodeMatch>
Reason: enumeration constraint failed.
The element: 'CardSecurityCodeMatch' has an invalid value according to its data type.

Apparently the correct value is “Pass”.


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