QuickBooks Integration for OSCommerce Shopping Cart


  1. Download and install the QuickBooks Web Connector from here: http://marketplace.intuit.com/webconnector/
  2. Open QuickBooks and go to your 'Customers' panel within QuickBooks
  3. Open the QuickBooks Web Connector (there should be an entry under Start > Programs > QuickBooks > Web Connector)
  4. Visit: https://www.secure-domain-name.com/store/quickbooks/oscommerce_qwc.php. You will be asked to save or open a file. Save this file to your 'Desktop' or your 'Documents' folder.
  5. Within the Web Connector, click the 'Add Application' button. You will be prompted to choose a file. Choose the file you saved in the previous step.
  6. QuickBooks will prompt you to grant access to the application. Make sure you choose to grant access to it.
  7. Enter the password provided to you in the 'Password' box within the Web Connector. Choose to save the password.
  8. You can now either schedule the Web Connector to import orders from osCommerce by clicking the 'Auto-Run' checkbox and choosing a time interval, *or* you can run the import manually by clicking the left-most check-box and clicking the 'Update' button.
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