List of QuickBooks Example qbXML Requests/Responses

General notes about qbXML requests

  • If the value of the tag is empty, then do not send that tag. i.e. rather than send an empty tag like: <LastName></LastName> just don't send that tag at all.
  • If you're issuing a *Mod request, you must send the ListID/TxnID and EditSequence of the record you're trying to modify.

Where can I find .XSD schema for requests/responses?

With a default installation of the QuickBooks SDK, you can find the ones the validator uses here:

  • C:/Program Files/Intuit/IDN/Common/tools/validator/

General notes about qbXML responses

Primary keys within QuickBooks are ListIDs and TxnIDs. You'll probably want to store the returned ListID and TxnID from the responses in your application. FullName is also a unique key within QuickBooks, but it can change, so it's usually not a good idea to use it as a primary key.

List of Example qbXML Requests/Responses


If you're using Keith's / Consolibyte Solutions PHP framework, you must change the requestID=”…” attribute before using this examples!

You need to embed the $requestID parameter passed to your handler function as requestID=“xyz”


Adding Objects

Modifying Objects

Searching Objects

Deleting Objects

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