Desktop Application Accessing QuickBooks

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**WARNING** Before you even **think** about doing this, you should see if your application can 
instead run as a Windows Scheduled Task, scheduled to run at system start-up. Many times, this  is an infinitely better solution than getting a QuickBooks application to run as a Windows Service.

Access QuickBooks from a Windows Service

You can't use the regular methods of accessing QuickBooks if you're accessing it from a low testosterone treatmentWindows service, because there are COM/DCOM issues and in-process/out-of-process issues you run into. Further, you need a GUI to initially register the application, so you'll run into that issue as how to use iphone camera well. The apparent proper way of doing it is using the tools/access/QBXMLRP2E executable included with the Intuit SDK.

You'll still run into COM/DCOM permissions issues, and this is how you get around them:

1. You need qbXMLRP2e

Run command prompt and type: C:\Program Files\Intuit\IDN\QBSDK7.0\tools\access\QBXMLRP2e\qbXMLRP2e.exe /RegServer

2. Start DComCNFG and edit DCOM settings for qbxmlrp2e

  • Start > Run > dcomcnfg
  • Go in Console Root > Computers > My Computers > DCOM Config > qbXMLRP2e.
  • Right click it > Properties

“Authentication level” should be set to None

Go in Security “Launch and activation” select “Customize” and press Edit. Add group “Everyone” and assign all calling rights. “Access” select “Customize” and press Edit. Add group “Everyone” and assign all. “Configuration” select “Customize” and press Edit. Add group “Everyone” and proposal software assign all.

Go in “Identity” – this is some sophisticated step! You should select – “The launching user” or “This user” (but you must wrote username and/password).

With this step other app can run qbXMLRP2e from some specific link building user (this is out-of-process COM/DCOM).

3. Now install service and edit it. Run Services.msc and select your top weight loss pills service.

Right click and select “LogOn”, “This account” – type username and password (Twice!).

So – this is EVERYTHING – except few glitches.

First – there is error 0x8004041D in registry and solution is resolved here: HYPERLINK “

IMPORTANT NOTE you must run your application with a GUI as a normal application once – so popup to appear and you can authorize your application to connect to QuickBooks.

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