Foxycart + QuickBooks Online Edition Installation

These instructions are for integrating Foxycart with QuickBooks Online Edition.

Setting Up Foxycart

  • Under the STORE menu, click the 'Advanced' link
  • Check the checkbox labeled 'would you like to enable your store data feed?'
  • You were provided with a URL in your welcome e-mail. Put that URL in the 'data feed url' box.
  • You were provided with a data feed key. Put those characters in the 'data feed key' box.
  • Click the 'update advanced features' button to save your changes.

Setting up QuickBooks Online Edition

  • You should have been provided with a URL to visit to create the connection to QuickBooks Online Edition. Visit that URL in your web browser.
  • You will be prompted to log in to QuickBooks Online Edition. Log in with your username and password.

  • The next page just tells you about connections. Just click the Continue button.

  • QuickBooks Online will ask you what to name your connection. You can just leave the name set to the default and click the Continue button.

  • QuickBooks Online will ask you what type of access to grant. Choose All Accounting and click the Continue button.

  • You will be asked to turn on or turn off Login Security. You must choose the “No. Anyone who can log into …” option. Click the Create Connection button to continue.

  • You will be given a Connection Key. Send the Connection Key to us so that we can set things up on our end.

  • That's it, you're done!
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